director of photography
SELECTED CLIPS and IMAGES : CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY THE HARDEST PART: IMAGES: director: Oliver Refson 35mm. 1.85:1. 5229 rated ei 640, normal development. Final scene: 5229 rated ei 1200, 1 stop push-process. “Dosh, Diamonds and Destruction”film-within-the-film: Fuji vivid 160T, rated ei 100, normal development.
Optics: Panavision MKII Ultra-speed (US) and Super-speeds (SS), T2-2.8. 
Film-within-the-film: Panavision Primo primes and 11:1 zoom (not shown).
Filters: ND. Camera: Panaflex Millenium XL, Panavised Arri 435ES. (back) We wanted a naturalistic but handsome look to the film, with a very analog, retro, almost lo-fi texture. The idea was that the photography would hint at an earlier, more favorable era to our protagonist, but with a handheld camera adding an element of uncertainty. Early-generation Panavision lenses were chosen, as well as high-speed, low-contrast film stock given a slightly meagre exposure to break down the blacks and add grain. 

With the idea of controlled naturalism, no motion picture lights were used, save for a couple night-time vignettes. Instead, we chose locations that not only suited the story and gave great texture, but provided well-placed natural light of favorable quality that could be shaped to look even better. CLIPS: SUMMER / AUTUMN 2009 Awaiting final transfer / color correction: May 2009)
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